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Taquero Service

Make your next event a REAL FIESTA with Casablanca Catering's Taquero Service.

What is a Taquero?
In Mexico, taqueros stand on street corners offering tacos made to order on a small grill.  A small table with salsa, a beer and a good friend can make a visit to a taquero a memorable experience.

What is Casablanca's Taquero Service?
Our taquero will set-up a buffet station with a small tabletop grill.  The taquero will grill on-site and offer a wide array of salsas and condiments for your guests to enjoy.  Our service includes complimentary disposable plates, cutlery and napkins.

Why Casablanca and not the taquero off the street?
Casablanca can offer a wonderful taquero experience while giving you the peace of mind that your guests will enjoy delicious food and wonderful service.  Casablanca offers:

1. A Track Record of Service
Casablanca's Taquero is part of Casablanca Restaurant and Catering Services.  Casablanca Restaurant is a family owned business in Venice serving Mexican and seafood cuisine for over 30 years.  For over 15 years, our catering department has been serving events ranging from informal gatherings to large galas.  Our kitchen is consistently "A" rated by the Los Angeles Health Department.

2. Customized Choices
Beyond the taco service, Casablanca Restaurant has a wide array of catering menus and services which will allow you to customize the service to meet your needs and budget.

3. Presentation
Our staff members set-up a buffet with stainless steel chafing dishes and are dressed in professional attire black slacks, white buttoned down shirts and black aprons.  Our tortilla ladies wear coloful blouses with black slacks.

4. Peace of Mind
Our Catering Managers are available seven days a week to design the perfect menu and service for your event.  We will send a written confirmation with all the details of your event for your approval.

5. All Payments Forms Accepted
We gladly accept cash, American Express, Visa, Discover, Mastercard and personal checks.  With approval, companies and corporations can pay with Purchase Orders.

Do you offer other types of catering options?
Yes, Casablanca Catering is full service company offering a wide array of menu and service options including drop-offs especially designed for medical and business offices, children's parties, appetizer options, weddings and casual gatherings.  Please visit our website or call our friendly Catering Managers at (310) 505-5091.

Casablanca Restaurant offers a wide array of menus and service options.  For more information, visit our website

Catering Hotline
(310) 505-5091

Prices subject to change without notice.

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